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Ed the Artsmith is a third generation metal artist who draws on his 20+ years as an industrial contractor to see the great potential for beauty in metal. With his vast knowledge of metal properties, it was a natural progression for Ed to apply his creative eye and transition from working with metal equipment to designing one-of-a-kind metal art pieces. Ed now creates functional, intricate and beautiful pieces. He has designed custom metal art installations for the personal collector and for many different businesses.

You can buy my work at Blue Moon Gifts Shops

Two new pieces on display at Buddy's Crab House and Oyster bar in Surf City NC.

The sand piper welcomes you to the beach and my huge pirate ship stands ready to shiver yer timbers!


This is a photo of my new firesphere. This one is inspired by the tree of life, which we have made many for customers. I wanted so make some outdoor art pieces with function as well as artistic value.
Please see the gallery for the other firespheres and all of the fire rings, fireplaces and portable fire pits.

What's New

Custom wheels for guys who make custom cars. Fixed Restorations.


My friend Matt wanted a unique look for his tricked out Chevy Avalanche. Since he runs it on the beach and calls it Jaws, what else would do?   I found a few traditional pics of Jaws and then the crazy began.  Made of 1/8" steel, it was rolled in a couple of different directions and the teeth were adjusted outward for effect. We mounted it to his brush bar with threaded stainless steel bolts. To get the right look for the gums, I actually finger painted them. Realistic right down to the sharp as heck teeth!  We are only limited by what we can think of!  Ed

I have created a portable fire pit that can be used anywhere, stored and transported flat and also show your message or graphic anywhere you go. Eight lynch pins are pulled and assembly/disassembly takes only a minute. I am offering these with any graphics you want for the introductory price of $295.  They can be shipped anywhere easily and I expensively. Please let me know if you are interested and we can start the artwork. Thanks.  Ed the Artsmith


Star wars Fire Pit



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